Strong Matters

w_53872It always feels like the end of the world when life shows you its bitter and cruel side.But always remember its phenomenal,and only the strong will keep going forward.Your strenght can only come from being positve about a bad situation.Weak people always assume the worst,so they chicken out,without knowing that a little more patience could be very rewarding.Positive thoughts would always be advantageous.Be positive and get to outstanding heights.


w_53874Wielding a sword is completely different from using it,but the sand man enjoys the fleshy meal of a deserving corpse.It might be the true that blood gets its colour from God’s disappointment in humanity’s unlimited capacity for evil,and sought to mask a little what seems to be extremely disgusting.Live for the day seems right but tomorrow swallows you up with every single mistake.Its all hearsay,but what guarantees certainty in man’s theories and hypothesis,when its already flawed from the start.Walk the road of righteousness,but hold deciet by the hand while doing  it.Mako or puma,lynx and cobra,lion versus giraffe,all survivors.Make your best and the universe takes care of the rest.

Conflicting Shadows

ImageTake a good look at this man.Does he look like someone who can control the deadliest terrorist organisation in Africa? Yeah yeah,I know looks can be deceptive,but you don’t need to be clairvoyant or psychic to know he doesn’t have what it takes.So the real question is,WHO IS REALLY BEHIND THE PROGRESS OF BOKO HARAM? There are a good number of armed forces from great countries presently in Nigeria,and yet, for more than two weeks,they have not found they missing school girls.

Considering their military prowess and unlimited intelligence,they should have found the girls by now,but unfortunately,they have not.Nigerians are not perfect,but we are not murderers or terrorists,we do not shed innocent blood without cause.I believe they are forces who while hiding in the shadows are helping these raving madmen.And until they are caught,Boko Haram will prevail.

Some have said that they get support from Al-Qaeda,but Al-Qaeda has a defined objective,these monsters don’t.So why would Al-Qaeda sponsor fanatics who don’t have bearing.Its all a mystery,but i know the puzzle will soon be solved.



Think Twice

The bereaved soul of a marksman,an infinite torture,

The master’s whip,a mirage of pleasure becomes the delight of leeches;

And the pleasure of deceit is the future squealing of a con.

Betrayal is like a spike behind the culprit waiting to eviscerate,

Web of lies will eventually play the sound of the butcher’s knife.

A cheat is a peat that gives a treat to below the feet.

Infidelity is a sweet art,but a short road to madness;

A thief looses bits of him as he collects his loot.

We are the precursors of our misfortune,in a world of mystery,

Where the pungent odour of our environment is sweet and pleasant,

Many choices, many decisions, many actions, but only ONE LIFE.