Mr. Gold Paper


Tales have been told indiscriminately,

Songs are still being sung to his memory;

His presence graces the arena,he stills the struggle,

Finding him is a heuristic venture,a strong boiled affair,

Challenging him is like acquiring the hemlock.

His exploits echo from east to west and diaspora,

The world revolves around him,he is magnetic;

He is the shadow behind a boastful lord,

Pleasures in putting a rift between brothers,

A god from afar, and a monster when at hand.

He drifts consistently from home to home,

Raking havoc on some, and bringing joy to others,

Mistaken to be revered above the Almighty.

Shadows and dust await such a lot;

For their eminent doom will purge unclean hearts,

And set them on the course of penitence and atonement.



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