Women were crea…

Women were created to be the jewels that embellish the crown of men, but if you let them, they would become both the crown and the jewel.-Micah(Heads or Tails.)


Mixed Feelings

When you have a girlfriend who, treats you like a prince,spends her money on you,adores you.Yet she is still seeing someone else.What do you call that?She tells you every morning,how she is madly in love with you,but slithers out like a snake every Thursday evening to be with someone else.They keep saying that men are potential cheaters, but I swear I haven’t touched any other girl since I met her.That is why I can’t really fathom what’s going on.

Great Couples

ImageSome say marriage is an institution, others say its the shortest road to hell, and the rest say its inexplicably blissful.But I say its a mysterious way of having fun for the rest of your life.

These incredible couples have been through a lot during their spinster and bachelor days, and yet, they still ended up in each others arms.Their mistakes and inconsistencies never came in between how much fun they had when ever they where together.

Brad Pitt co-stared with in his wife in “Mr and Mrs Smith”, and though they are very good at what they do, you could tell with a closer look that they were having so much fun together while working.It was as if the both of them where playing “hide and seek” at their backyard,but with the camera on.

Tubaba had orgies with many women, and still ended up with the girl he had fun most with.The girl that made him smile all the time.And when you look at them together, you would see they are quite inseparable.

I believe that the union between two people for life should be based on their ability to keep they relationship alive through smiles and friendship.Else all the expensive rings,grandeur ceremonies,and magazine coverages would mean nothing.


Mr. Gold Paper


Tales have been told indiscriminately,

Songs are still being sung to his memory;

His presence graces the arena,he stills the struggle,

Finding him is a heuristic venture,a strong boiled affair,

Challenging him is like acquiring the hemlock.

His exploits echo from east to west and diaspora,

The world revolves around him,he is magnetic;

He is the shadow behind a boastful lord,

Pleasures in putting a rift between brothers,

A god from afar, and a monster when at hand.

He drifts consistently from home to home,

Raking havoc on some, and bringing joy to others,

Mistaken to be revered above the Almighty.

Shadows and dust await such a lot;

For their eminent doom will purge unclean hearts,

And set them on the course of penitence and atonement.


Heads or Tails

Ifediora opened his eyes as a splash of cold water touched his bare body.He blinked twice but still couldn’t see anything.Everywhere was completely dark.It took him a few seconds to realize that his head had  been completely covered in sack cloth.He tried to move his arms but couldn’t, he only got the rattling of big chains around his wrists.He now became scared.All he remember was,two men in masks, standing beside his bed,with his new wife screaming behind the huge palms of another masked man.

  He began struggling with the chains to see if he could free himself but to no avail.He seized his struggling when he heard voices from a distance,but couldn’t make anything from them.The voices where so faint that he couldn’t hear them clearly.He began shouting.”Who’s there?! What’s the meaning of this?! Get me down from here now! If you don’t get me down now, I will shout till someone hears me, do you understand?! I will shout!” He stopped his rambling a minute later when he heard a sizzling sound, like hot iron cooling in water.He couldn’t bring himself to think what the hot iron is for.He heard multiple footsteps coming towards his position.”Who are you? What do you want from me?” “Mr Ifediora Emecheta,where are the documents you used in framing your boss and your share of the money?” Ifediora’s heart jumped into his stomach.He could tell it was a male voice.”What documents? Which money? I haven’t the slightest idea of what you are talking about. Are you the police? If you are, you have no right to treat me this way. Ah!” He shouted as he felt his flesh burning from the extremely hot iron that was pressed against his feet. “Mr Ifediora, if you don’t tell me what I want to know, you will leave here a cripple.”